Benjamin Motorsports have been really busy the past month with 4 races in 5 weeks. The first race was at oxford and the team looked really strong. After starting 12th and finishing 2nd. The next race would take the team to Vermont. The car was really good and once again starting 12th and in 30 laps Travis was already in 5th and looking strong but a little error and Travis would end up hitting the front stretch wall. That would leave the team without finishing.

The week after that the team would head to Canada. In that race they the team would struggle with the setup and would starting in 11th and the best the travis could do is get to 7th. The team was still in the points lead so it was a good stretch going into the next race at Speedway 95 in Hermon Maine.

At speedway 95 the team was pretty good and would start in 12th and end up with another top 5. That would be a good run but after that race the team would leave in 2nd in points just 1 point out of the lead.

That was long stretch of racing for us we have struggled a little lately. We will get back on track and go for this championship. Thanks to all the sponsors for all there support.