After 17 races the championship came down to the one last race and the Benjamin Motorsports team was just 25 points out of the lead. In the first practice the car was horrible and the team had to do a lot of work. At the end of the 3rd and final practice the 7 car posted the fastest lap of the day.

In the qualifying race Travis would start 3rd and after 15 laps the 7 car came across for the checkered flag In 1st and that would cut the points down to 20. So that meant Travis would have to beat DJ Shaw by just 10 positions.

In the 150 lap main event Travis would have to start 13th but in just 50 laps the 7 car was inside the top 5. At the lap 100 mark Travis was In 2nd and DJ Shaw was In 11th so just 2 points separated them. With 25 laps to go Travis would take the lead and go on to win the race!! That was the good part the bad part was DJ Shaw would end up finishing in 7th and Travis would lose the championship by 6 points.

“It’s a great was to end the season, the car was great in the race we wish we could have gotten another championship but DJ and his team have been great all year and they deserve the championship” Travis said after the race.

We want to say a special thanks to all our sponsors and fans for a great season. We couldn’t have done it without all the awesome support.