Seekonk won

After 17 races the championship came down to the one last race and the Benjamin Motorsports team was just 25 points out of the lead. In the first practice the car was horrible and the team had to do a lot of work. At the end of the 3rd and final practice the 7 car posted the fastest lap of the day.

In the qualifying race Travis would start 3rd and after 15 laps the 7 car came across for the checkered flag In 1st and that would cut the points down to 20. So that meant Travis would have to beat DJ Shaw by just 10 positions.

The Benjamin Motorsports team will head into the final two races just 26 points out of the championship lead.

The Benjamin Motorsports team will head into the final two races just 26 points out of the championship lead.

The last few weeks the team has had some good races as they finished 5th at beech ridge and 9th at Thunder Road. At Beech Ridge Travis would start 18th and would work his way into the top 5. At Thunder Road the team brought another good car and would start 11th and work there way into the top 5 but after two cars in front of Travis got into a wreck that involved Travis the team would have to make a pit stop and than start 20th and could only recover for a 9th place finish.

The next two races are at Oxford where Travis and team are usually very good at and the last race will be held at Seekonk. Seekonk is one of Travis’ favorite tracks since he was 18 and got his first super late model career win. With a little luck the team will emerge as champions.

Oxford 250

The Benjamin Motorsports team just raced the Oxford 250 in there last race which is the biggest one day short track race in the country. With over 750 campers and 10,000 fans in attendance Travis was excited to put on a good race. In practice the 7 car was fastest and the team was ready to race. After qualifying 7th the teams as getting ready for the main event.

At the start of the 250 lap race Travis would drive up to 3rd quickly and was just running there till he ran over some metal and would cut the right rear brake line. So for the next 125 laps Travis would have very little brakes. At the pit stop the team came in the pits 6th and after a lengthy pit stop to fix the brakes the 7 car would come out of the pits in 36th. Travis would fight hard and would take the lead with 40 laps to go. Travis thought he might get his 3rd win in this event but there where a few cautions the last 30 laps and that would leave the team falling back to 7th at the end of the race.

“I really thought we had a good chance of winning our 3rd 250 but with the cautions at the end it really killed us and let everyone catch up to us. I got hit on one of the restarts and it put us back there and we couldn’t come back from it! Thanks to all my sponsors who support us each and every week!” Travis said after the long race


Benjamin Motorsports team raced at speedway 51 in grovton New Hampshire last weekend and was ready to keep the momentum going after a top 5 finish the week before.

Travis started 4th in his qualifying race and would finish 2nd after 15 laps. That would start the 7 car in the 12th spot for the 150 lap main event. At the start of the race Travis would move up to the top 10 quickly and was in the top 5 around the half way mark. With 35 laps to go Travis was 3rd and fighting for the win. The top 3 where all really close but Travis did quite have enough to win and would have to settle for 2nd.

“After last weekend whew we started 31st and finished 5th and this week starting 12th and finishing 2nd I think we are in good shape going into our biggest race of the year the Oxford 250! I’m excited for next weekend!! Travis said after the race

Weekend Schedule Now Available And New Entries For 45th Annual Oxford 250

Weekend Schedule Now Available And New Entries For 45th Annual Oxford 250

NAPLES, ME (August 16) – With campers already arriving on the grounds of Oxford Plains Speedway, the complete weekend schedule for the 45th Annual Clark’s Scrap Metal Oxford 250 has now been posted and is available online at The Oxford 250 will go green on Sunday afternoon, August 26 with the ever important heat races to determine the starting lineup going green at 1:30 PM for the PASS Super Late Models, PASS Modifieds, Rebels, Street Stocks, and NEMST. With the possibility of $50,000 going to the winner, the Oxford 250 is the biggest single day event in motorsports, with nearly 70 Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Super Late Models expected to compete in the qualifying heats and main event, and it is all held on Sunday, August 26.

2nd, 15th, 7th and 5th

Benjamin Motorsports have been really busy the past month with 4 races in 5 weeks. The first race was at oxford and the team looked really strong. After starting 12th and finishing 2nd. The next race would take the team to Vermont. The car was really good and once again starting 12th and in 30 laps Travis was already in 5th and looking strong but a little error and Travis would end up hitting the front stretch wall. That would leave the team without finishing.

The week after that the team would head to Canada. In that race they the team would struggle with the setup and would starting in 11th and the best the travis could do is get to 7th. The team was still in the points lead so it was a good stretch going into the next race at Speedway 95 in Hermon Maine.